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Garden Products - See our wide selection of garden planters from many different shapes , colours and styles. Be more creative with your garden, maybe add one of our water features or a garden pond. We also manufacture a wide range of water butts to store and save water in. You can save money with boopop.
Home and Garden  > Garden Products  > Garden Water Butts > Ecosure Garden Water Butt 280 Litres

Water Butt 280 Litres  Water Butt 280 Litres  Ref: ECO280UGREENMARBLE

Slimline tough and durable water butt ideal for sliding in to small spaces. Made from medium density polyethylene our new 280 Litre comes with an 8" vented lid and 3/4" bsp outlet which is ideal for connecting a garden tap or even connecting water butts together.

Water butts like these would not look out of place in any garden, with multiple colours and styles to choose from, maximise your garden space with a slimline water butt.

Water Butt Uses
The main use of a water butt is to store water in and around your home and garden. Rainwater is free and simple to collect with a water butt which you can use all year round for those simple jobs that you would normally use from your home tap water. With rainwater collection you can feed your garden, clean the car and patio, clean your windows, maintain your water features all costing you nothing. Ecosure water butts are suitable and ideal for the public and for commercial and agricultural settings.

Ecosure Water Butts
Ecosure water butts are designed from a strong rotationally moulded plastic that is engineered to hold large amounts of water. They are designed to take all weather conditions and easy to maintain and keep clean. They also come in a range of colours and sizes that are suitable and flexible to meet your needs.

Water Tank Dimensions
Height 820mm
Length 1100mm
Width 340mm
Capacity 280 Litres
Outlet ¾" BSP
Inlet 8" Screwdown Lid
Weight empty 20 Kgs

Price:   £109.00£130.80  (Including: VAT at 20%)

Home and Garden  > Garden Products  > Garden Water Butts > Ecosure Garden Water Butt 280 Litres